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below is a clickable list of sites that I developed.  please visit them!
(understanding of course, that with the current market for dot-coms some if not most of the companies may have closed since I worked for them!)

** e-commerce sites **
silverscreen graphics ... manufacturer's direct-order site for local electric company
power by numbers ... fully functional multi-approach b2c auction
buji designs ... young, hip clothing design company
toby thompkins ... wellness and balance of life and career coach home site
noir lifestyles, inc ... african art reseller/dealer
the chelsea ... south beach hotel presence

** brochure sites **
iventurelab, inc ... home site for start-up technology engine
usinterns ... meeting point for interns and employers
f.e.t.c. ... site for the federal energy techonology center, location of the department of energy
the success trap ... book release site, for a prominent life and career coach