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Spencer A. Ellis
6531 N. 7th Street - 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19126

Pittsburgh Technical Institute (Pittsburgh, PA), Computer Systems Management, 1995
Pittsburgh Technical Institute (Pittsburgh, PA), Architectural CADD, 1995
University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA), Civil Engineering, 1993

2/00 - 3/01: Technologist, - Pittsburgh, PA
Worked primarily on all of the startup companies in-house, as a web development technologist. Specialized in sites written in ASP (in IIS) and SQL Server with VBScript and JavaScript running in an NT environment. The major part of the early companies were B2C and B2B sites, and later progressed to proprietary technology applications. Also with a couple sites, worked with Java applets, servlets and JSP with an Oracle back-end on Linux boxes.

1/97 - Present: Contract Web Developer - Miami Beach, FL
Worked as webmaster and designer of multiple websites for fitness professionals and large-scale hotels. For graphics, used Photoshop and Illustrator along with many animation packages. Major site was for an athletic clothing company. Used e-commerce solutions to add shopping carts to sites as well as configuration scripting. Specialized in content specific sites which demanded short load times and wise use of screen real estate.

4/99 - 7/99: Software Developer, M&M Aerospace Hardware - Miami, FL
In charge of new development and enhancements of in-house manufacturing application, in UniData's multi-valued database environment on SCO Unix, with all mainframe programming done in UniBasic and ECL.

6/97 - 4/99: Software Developer, Science Applications Int'l Corp (SAIC) - Pittsburgh, PA
Worked alone in quality assurance and evaluation for a federal aviation management information system, which was developed in VB with Sybase DB. Developed the prototype for a subcontract consent system and presented it to the staff of the US Department of Energy. Many projects were developed in VB then rewritten in Gupta SQL Windows. Later picked up lead task of development and maintenance of a deliverables tracking and award system which was developed in Gupta with SQL Server back-end. Responsible for creating table structure, tuning and stored procedures. Used Oracles, SQL Plus, PVCS for version control and Erwin for DB modeling. Performed full life-cycle solutions, from requirements gathering, to writing specs then after development, writing the user/technical documentation.

8/96 - 6/97: Programmer/Analyst, Corporate Information Systems Corp (CISCorp) - Pittsburgh, PA
Most of work was developed in VB4, with some of the smaller applications running Access. The larger applications ran SQL Server, and all used Visual Source Safe for code integrity. Participated in development, qa, scripting and interface design for a fully integrated telemarketing system which was in use nationwide by AT&T. Another project was data structuring for qualitative analysis application for a law firm, written in VBA.

10/95 - 8/96: Software Engineer, Telesis Computer Corporation - Pittsburgh, PA
Developed the vendor section of a total manufacturing integrated system, which was developed and supported in-house. The application was developed in Ingres 4gl, using Ingres' RDBMS. The environment utilized the OpenWindows desktop interface, with Sun/Solaris OS. Other than the vendor module maintenance, wrote csh, bsh, sed and awk scripting for data control during the porting to the different platforms that were supported.

Programming Languages: ASP, HTML, JSP, Java, Gupta, VB, UniBasic, C, PL/SQL, Ingres
Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, Access, Sybase, SQLBase, Ingres, DB2
Scripting Languages: VBScript, JavaScript, TransactSQL, csh, bsh, bash, sed, awk, perl, ecl, tcl
Operating Systems: NT4, Linux, Win2000, Win98, Win95, Win3.x, Sun, Solaris, SCO
Graphics Software: Photoshop, GifAnimator, PSP, Illustrator, Image Composer, Acrobat