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a little about me ...

I've been developing applications for over 5 years. I've written code from standard LAN applications for the federal government to the hippest e-commerce multi-dimensional auction web sites.

My background is [for the most part] completely self-taught. I'm actually formally educated in Civil Engineering, primarily Architectural Design. However, after the University of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Technical Institute, I decided to pursue software development. I worked as a software engineer, client/server analyst, contractor/consultant, and web developer in my career. Currently, I'm working on the code for a web technology which will enhance the compression of graphics which will result in shorter load times for pages. This is my own work, separate from my full-time work. Possibly if it's close by years end, I can put it out on the market as shareware for my beta testing.

Also, please review my other pages which will have my resume, code samples, contract service and quotes.

I will update this site frequently, so make sure to check back often for more recent code samples and an expanding skillset.